Wearing instructions (online)

1) Line the forearm up to the splint. The hinge should be in line with the elbow and the curved section should line up with the wrist crease. If required, loosen the screws using screwdriver and slide the struts to the desired length. Tighten the screws before applying the Pronosupinator.

2) Apply the upper arm padding.

3) Attach the upper arm aluminium struts to the upper arm padding using the velcro (attached to the inner aspect of the aluminium struts). These should be in line with the upper arm.

Tip: Once the aluminium struts have been attached to the padding on first fitting, it can remain in place making future applications easier.

4) Apply the wrist wrap in the desired direction by sliding loop over thumb, then wrapping around the wrist and securing with velcro tab.

Supination (palm up) – Wrap around the back of the hand.


Pronation (palm down) – Wrap around the front of the hand.

5) Position your forearm to the desired
amount of rotation. Wrap the elastic straps
around the wrist (approximately one
rotation around the wrist), then thread
over the top of and through the buckles.
Push down on the tab to lock the buckle.
Slide any excess strap length through the

6) Adjust the tension on each elastic strap
to achieve the desired stretch. The stretch
should be applied gently and gradually.
Straps should be adjusted one at a time to
achieve a central position between the

7) To release the buckle, lift up on the tab.

Video instructions

Available at www.upperlimbco.com
For advice regarding how long to wear the Pronosupinator, please consult your treating health professional.

Cleaning instructions
The soft portions of the device can be
removed and hand washed in warm
water, using mild detergent. Air dry.
The aluminium can be wiped clean using
a soft cloth and mild detergent or
aluminium suitable products.