AHTA national conference

Great times at the AHTA 2018 National Conference in Melbourne!

UL Co started by sponsoring and facilitating a cadaver wetlab with Kate Hatzopoulos. We had flashcards with Q & A, hot tips, clinically relevant testing and treatment. It is always great for therapists to reproduce the clinical assessment and some of the treatments on a cadaver to see what’s happening inside. We were delighted with the turnout and look forward to feedback.

Jeff was delighted to present “Orthotic extraarticular fracture reduction during proliferative phase malalignment”. In simple terms – splinting to align malaligned fractures.

He also presented a clinical paper “A new forearm rotation orthosis: design, fabrication and assessment”.

Brodwen also was busy. She ran two ultrasound workshops with Sonographer Greg Lammers and presented on imaging of deQuervains. Her paper ” diagnostic accuracy of imaging modalities in the detection of clinically diagnosed deQuervain’s syndrome: A systematic review” was very well received.

The team was also grateful for the overwhelming feedback on their new orthosis the Pronosupinator! and are keen to keep finetuning. That said, therapists tried it and were delighted with how practical it was, whilst still maintaining strong stretch.

A big thanks to all who presented. There were so many great presentations. We value the wonderful work Australian hand therapists are doing whilst “Reaching for the Future”…

On a personal note. Some of the most wonderful people in the AHTA have been very supportive of our work. We would like to thank you all very much. We couldn’t do it without you.