One-80˚ Pronosupinator V3 available now!

We’re very excited to bring you the much changed Pronosupinator V3. It has been updated following feedback from therapists and patients. The innovations make it lighter, more comfortable, lower profile, more adjustable and even shinier.

You will see holes under the buckles for better leverage when aiming for 75˚ to 95˚ in both pronation or supination.

The standard size will fit people from about 150cm (approx 4’11”) to 188cm (approx 6’2″).

The profile is even lower.

It’s smaller and lighter. The cuff length has been shortened significantly, improving comfort and elbow flexion/extension, without losing the strong leverage in rotation. It is now down to a super light 400g  (14oz)!

The lightweight aluminium is now anodised for a scratch and stain resistant surface.

Brodwen and Jeff are very excited to introduce the new Pronosupinator V3, something we believe is one of the few reliable and proven therapeutic devices for improving supination and/or pronation. We would like to thank the patients and therapists who gave their input to perfecting the V3.

Strong supination stretch
Now even better. For optimal results in supination or pronation, the Pronosupinator can’t be beaten.