V3 compared to V1

How our current model compares to the original

For those who haven’t seen the latest version of the One-80° Pronosupinator, there have been some changes since it first launched at the AHTA conference in 2018.

Tried and tested
Upper Limb Co and many other leading Australian Hand Therapists have been trying, modifying and testing the One-80° Pronosupinator. We can confirm patients typically get 40-50° despite therapy plateau, which is in keeping with research on other reliable rotation splints.

New name
We’ve taken on board the feedback the ‘Pronosupinator’ is difficult to say and difficult to remember, so we have updated the name to the One-80° Pronosupinator. We chose this because to reflect the orthosis’ ability to stretch in both supination and pronation directions. ‘The One-80’ will be easier for people to say and remember.

New colour
The One-80° Pronosupinator is now blue! Our manufacturing process now includes anodising the aluminium. This means a shinier and longer lasting finish.

New manufacturing
The hinges, adjustment screws have been re-Engineered. The plastic clips and DRUJ mounted wrist neoprene are also more robust. Threading the elastic levers is also much improved with better locks.

Paediatric size
We have introduced a paediatric sized One-80° Pronosupinator. It fits children from 6 years old through to ~13 years. Check out the size guide on our website for more details.

Extra leverage option
We have changed the frame design to now allow the option of threading the elastic up through the buckle. This means that people who have >70° range can now improve the line of pull and therefore the quality of the stretch.

Comfortable, shorter cuff
The humerus cuff is half the length, with no leverage lost proximally, making it more comfortable to wear.

Extra length adjustment, lighter weight & lower profile
The frame design has also been updated to accommodate a larger range of forearm lengths, fitting people of most heights. This is for both our standard and large sizes. We have also adjusted the frame design to be even lighter in weight and lower in profile than before.

Guaranteed stretch
We guarantee that the One-80° Pronosupinator will hold your patient at end-of-range supination and/or pronation.

New packaging
We have just printed and cut our first order of new boxes. These are much smaller than previous ones and custom printed, making them easier to fit and look great on your clinic shelf!

Resources for patients
We have also developed some flyers for patients. These explain a little about using mobilisation orthoses, and specifically the One-80° Pronosupinator for those experiencing forearm rotation stiffness. If you’d like some sent to your clinic, please send us an email.

Resources for clinicians
We have written some helpful tips on managing rotation stiffness, instability and weakness. We have also scheduled webinars on stiffness, exercise and radiology.

Continued great value
Accessibilty remains important and we have ensured it remains great value to Australian patients.

If you’d like any further information, have any feedback or would like to share your experiences of any version of the One-80° Pronosupinator , we’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email (info@upperlimbco.com).