About the One-80° Pronosupinator

Multi-award winning supination and pronation stretch

The One-80˚ Pronosupinator multi-award winning supination and pronation splint will improve supination and pronation. Despite chronicity, hard end-feel, malunion, it will work even when Hand Therapy has plateaued. You’ve read about it featured in the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand eZine, the Australian Hand Therapy Association and seen it at countless Hand Therapy and Hand Surgery conferences. Now your patient can get the extra 40˚ to 50˚ gains they should expect.

Dynamic supination and pronation orthoses work:

– hard end-feel
– malunion
– chronicity
– therapy plateau

Successful stretching orthoses:
– Firmly hold at end-of-range (always check that it does)
– Can be worn for hours daily
– Can be fabricated effectively
– Can be applied by the patient effectively
– Will gain 40˚ to 50˚ on average
Are supported by research

Dynamic supination and pronation for stretch

The One-80° Pronosupinator is an orthosis designed to mobilise the forearm into supination or pronation. It can hold the forearm at end of range rotation whilst allowing free flexion and extension of the elbow. Meanwhile, the patient can actively rotate in the opposite direction for brief function. The One-80° Pronosupinator will reliably stretch the patient straight back to end-of-range.

Strong stretch at end-of-range 

Can’t achieve full supination or pronation? Stiff or uncomfortable at end-of-range? The One-80° Pronosupinator is designed to improve these limitations. Studies show that when conventional therapy fails to achieve full rotation, orthoses (splints) that hold a stretch at the end-of-range produce significant gains in range of motion. We guarantee that it will hold your patient at end-of-range pronation or supination.


Allows normal function

The One-80° Pronosupinator will hold your patient in the desired position (eg. end-of-range supination), but allow them to rotate out of position (eg. pronate), then return them back to a stretched position. It can be applied in either supination or pronation. The patient’s fingers and thumb are free to move and their elbow is free to flex and extend. No other orthosis allows this while maintaining end-of-range rotation.

Full elbow and finger ROM

Your elbow and fingers are free to move, so your patient can wear their splint while doing other tasks. This reduces additional stiffness and limits to function and increases the wearing time for enhanced stretch. The elbow can flex (bend) and extend (straighten) and fingers and thumb remain fully free and functional.

Easy size adjustment

The standard size fits most people. The standard size is typically suitable for people approximately 152cm (5’2”) to 184cm (6’2”), BMI under 30. The large is suited to people up to 190cm (6’4”). The large size for the taller or bigger person. We will be adding custom sizes at a minimal surcharge later. Consult our size guide for further information

The One-80° Pronosupinator is patented internationally.