We guarantee that the Pronosupinator will hold your patient at end-of-range supination and / or pronation. If it doesn’t we suggest you check the application / wearing instructions first – this orthosis is measurably able to apply forces required to achieve end-of-range. Ultimately, a patient’s final result will depend on adherence and consequent total-end-range-time, as well as the nature of the injury or condition, and DRUJ/PRUJ/forearm congruence. The Pronosupinator should be applied under the guidance of a registered health care professional.

The Pronosupinator is registered with Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods for single patient use. As such, the warranty will be available from 6 months from purchase. We will endeavour to promptly repair or replace any manufacturing or design faults and minimise disruption to treatment. Please let us know of any such faults, ideally with photos, by emailing us at